Swapping protein for sugar may help blood pressure
Mar 23 12


Drinking black tea may cut blood pressure
Jan 25 12


Middle-aged men with upper-normal blood pressure at risk for AF
Jan 18 12


Pollution tied to disease risk in L.A. black women
Jan 13 12


Birth Defects May be Linked to High Blood Pressure, Not Use of ACE Inhibitors
Oct 21 11


Poor sleep quality increases risk of high blood pressure
Aug 29 11


Pilot study suggests new approach to treat preeclampsia
Aug 02 11


Living with a smoker may raise blood pressure in boys
May 01 11


Vitamin D May Help Explain Racial Differences in Blood Pressure
Apr 26 11


Research shows blood protein levels may predict risk of a cardiovascular event: Study
Apr 08 11


Redefining normal blood pressure
Mar 09 11


New Home Blood Pressure Check Created for Diabetics
Mar 03 11


Neighborhood Barbers Can Influence Black Men to Seek Blood-Pressure Treatment
Mar 01 11


Advanced degrees add up to lower blood pressure
Feb 28 11


Using a generic blood pressure and heart drug could save the UK $324 million in 2011
Feb 03 11


MDC researchers and clinicians identify mediator of blood pressure regulation in the liver
Jan 27 11


Storytelling may help control blood pressure in African-Americans
Jan 18 11


Blood pressure control system found in kidney’s structural units
Jan 17 11


It takes 2 for improved control of blood pressure
Jan 13 11


Heart scans show those most likely to need statins
Nov 17 10


Treatment zaps high blood pressure at the source
Nov 17 10


The risks of hypertension
Nov 01 10


LSUHSC study IDs proteins regulating water retention in salt-sensitive hypertension
Oct 24 10


Paper highlights blood pressure risk in overweight children
Oct 18 10


Novel approach yields new insights into the causes of pre-eclampsia
Oct 07 10


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