Infections as Diabetes Complications

Signs of a vaginal infection include the following:

  • vaginal itching and burning
  • thick, white discharge
  • redness and tenderness
  • foul-smelling green or gray discharge
  • painful intercourse

You can buy antifungal products to treat yeast infections.
These products come as creams or suppositories that are placed directly into the vagina, usually at night. The type and strength of the product determine how long you will need to use the medicine. Some work in one day, while others need to be used for seven days. They work by destroying the bacteria that cause the infection. Your pharmacist can help you choose one that will work for you.

It is important that you follow the directions exactly for how to use the product. Be sure to use it for the entire time, even if your infection seems better. Even though it may seem to be gone sooner, the infection is more likely to return if the treatment is not completed. If your infection is not better at the end of the time for the product you are using, or it comes back right away, make an appointment to see your primary care provider or gynecologist. They can prescribe stronger medications. Your infection may be caused by different bacteria that do not respond to the over-the-counter therapies. Using a condom during sexual intercourse while you have the infection may help to prevent it from reoccurring.

Keeping your blood glucose close to your target range can help to prevent infections in the future.  Avoiding irritating products such as bubble bath and douches may help prevent infections for some women.

Vaginal infections are annoying and can be painful, but they usually respond quickly to treatment. Although it may be tempting to ignore the infection or wait for it to go away, it can become more serious if not treated.

Foot Problems. Your feet deserve special attention. No matter how much you weigh, pound for pound, your feet carry a heavy load. Because they are vulnerable to injury, you need to check them every day for signs of injury and infection.

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