Diabetes news

How the science of deer hunting can help patients with diabetes
Mar 17 14


Gestational diabetes linked to increased risk for heart disease in midlife
Mar 12 14


Type 1 diabetes in adults: Antibody affinity is decisive
Mar 11 14


Study pinpoints protective mutations for type 2 diabetes
Mar 02 14


Nobelist James Watson proposes an unconventional view of type 2 diabetes causation
Feb 27 14


Type 1 diabetes: Vitamin D deficiency occurs in an early stage
Feb 27 14


Specialized cognitive therapy improves blood sugar control in depressed diabetes patients
Feb 25 14


Change in guidelines for Type 2 diabetes screening may lead to under-diagnosis in children
Feb 11 14


Gastric bypass improves insulin secretion in pigs
Feb 01 14


Researchers motivate diabetics to adopt healthy lifestyle
Jan 26 14


Ingredients in chocolate, tea and berries could guard against diabetes
Jan 19 14


Discovery of an early predictor of increased diabetes risk
Jan 15 14


Scientists discover new causes of diabetes
Jan 07 14


Loss of function of a single gene linked to diabetes in mice
Jan 03 14


More evidence suggests type 2 diabetes is an inflammatory disease
Jan 03 14


Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in the loss of RGCs in diabetic retinopathy
Jan 03 14


A wrong molecular turn leads down the path to type 2 diabetes
Dec 20 13


Many people with diabetes still lose vision, despite availability of vision-sparing treatment
Dec 19 13


Duration of diabetes and advancing age independently predict diabetes complications, risk of death
Dec 17 13


New report shows diagnosed diabetes, pre-diabetes, and gestational diabetes is on the rise among privately insured Americans
Dec 16 13


New study shows link between perfluorinated compounds and diabetes
Dec 12 13


Diabetes identified as risk factor for liver cancer across ethnic groups
Dec 08 13


Mild depression tied to diabetes complications
Dec 03 13


Newly discovered human peptide may become a new treatment for diabetes
Dec 02 13


Ultrasound, Nanoparticles May Help Diabetics Avoid the Needle
Nov 21 13


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