Diabetes news

Add Bone Deterioration to Diabetes Complications
Nov 12 13


‘Diabetic flies’ can speed up disease-fighting research
Nov 07 13


Brain may play key role in blood sugar metabolism and development of diabetes
Nov 06 13


Research helps identify young people with type 1 diabetes at risk of heart and kidney disease
Nov 06 13


New multiple action intestinal hormone corrects diabetes
Oct 30 13


High blood sugar tied to memory problems: study
Oct 28 13


Enzyme restores function with diabetic kidney disease
Oct 25 13


Diabetes Ups Esophageal Ca Risk
Oct 15 13


Study shows that diet and lifestyle advice for those with diabetes should be ‘no different’ from that for general public
Oct 14 13


Shared doctor visits may help diabetes self-care
Oct 11 13


Study Explains Why Diabetic Retinopathy Is Difficult to Treat
Oct 08 13


Diabetes increases the risk of developing and dying from breast and colon cancer
Sep 28 13


Link between antidepressants and diabetes risk is real
Sep 24 13


Large European study suggests men with type 1 diabetes are better at blood sugar control than women
Sep 24 13


Targeting memory T-cells in Type 1 diabetes
Sep 23 13


Can the law improve diabetes prevention and control?
Sep 10 13


Doctors get good and bad safety news on diabetes drugs
Sep 02 13


Pre-pregnancy hormone testing may indicate gestational diabetes risk
Aug 29 13


Early diabetes interventions may also reduce heart disease risk
Aug 28 13


Adapting to mainstream lowers diabetes risk in African-Americans
Aug 26 13


Gut taste mechanisms are abnormal in diabetes sufferers
Aug 25 13


Antipsychotic drug use in children for mood/behavior disorders increases type 2 diabetes risk
Aug 22 13


Type 1 diabetes drug strikingly effective in clinical trial
Aug 07 13


Regeneron’s Eylea improves vision in diabetic eye condition
Aug 06 13


Escape from Poverty Helps Explain Diabetes Epidemic in the American South
Aug 05 13


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