Concordia researcher leads study that finds kids reduce physical activity for heart patients
Jul 20 10


Medicare drug benefit boosts use of heart failure meds
Jul 20 10


Traffic-Related Air Pollution Affects Heart Rate Variability
Jul 11 10


Heart tests add to U.S. radiation dose concerns
Jul 08 10


Maternal diet and genes interact to affect heart development
Jul 06 10


New tool to rule out coronary heart disease in primary care
Jul 05 10


Testosterone gel linked to heart problems
Jul 02 10


Filtering Donor Blood Reduces Heart, Lung Complications
Jun 22 10


Penn bioengineers create simulator to test blood platelets in virtual heart attacks
Jun 21 10


Risk of heart attack in patients
Jun 18 10


Does it matter what time you have a heart stent?
Jun 17 10


Only 37% Exercise a Year After Cardiac Event
Jun 15 10


Elderly patients in need of heart valve replacements have alternative to surgery
Jun 15 10


Possible link between sleep-disordered breathing and cardiovascular disease revealed
Jun 14 10


Asymptomatic Perioperative Arrhythmias Associated with Sudden Death
Jun 12 10


Increased Use of Preoperative Beta-Blockers Studied
Jun 12 10


Non-Operative Safety, Healing of Aortic Injuries Studied
Jun 12 10


England smoking ban cut heart attacks, health cost
Jun 09 10


Study backs heart-healthy effect of dairy fat
Jun 08 10


New Gene Therapy Proves Effective in Treating Severe Heart Failure
Jun 03 10


Mineral intake cuts heart disease risk
May 31 10


Is milk from grass-fed cows more heart-healthy?
May 28 10


Study Sheds Light on Deadly Gastrointestinal Disease in Infants Born with Complex Congenital Heart Disease
May 26 10


Beta-Blockers May Be Associated With Benefits in Patients With Lung Disease
May 25 10


Heart valve clip effective after 2 years: study
May 25 10


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