Your Guide to Weight Loss

One out of every three Americans is overweight, and more children are considered obese today than ever before. But, you don’t have to resign yourself to being overweight. There are many steps you can take to battle the bulge. Learn here about promising treatments and ways you can cope.

Weight problems are usually the result of:

  • stress  
  • depression  
  • frustration  
  • low self-esteem  
  • physical illness  
  •   Malabsorption  
  • Hormone Imbalance

So, unless your approach to weight loss or weight gain addresses one or more of these underlying causes you may find it impossible to achieve the optimal healthy weight range for your height and body type.

A weight loss program that addresses underlying causes and makes use of safe, effective nutritional approaches offers you the best possibility for success. A successful weight loss program would include normalizing your weight without the use of harsh herbal stimulants, side-effect laden pharmaceutical compounds, austere starvation diets and harmful rebound weight gain (yo-yo dieting).

“Diet programs, individual or commercial, medically supervised or not, have a greater than 95% failure rate in the long run.”
The National Institute of Health

A nutritional approach that is designed to help you achieve a healthy weight range will also improve mental function, immune response, digestion, and sleep.

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Revision date: June 21, 2011
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