Can Diabetes Be Controlled and Can You Recover From It

Millions of people live with diabetes every day all over the world. Both types of diabetes can be perfectly and efficiently controlled with medication and a change of life habits. Diabetes has no cure and you cannot recover from any damage caused by uncontrolled diabetes. Blindness or loss of limbs is permanent, so is liver and kidney damage. Modern medicine could transplant any of these organs but this does not count under recuperation.

Controlling diabetes may take some effort at the beginning but man is an animal of habits and once you incorporate your medication time and insulin tests into your routine you should be fine. Before diabetes is under control with medication other things must be done too. They are life changing events that you have to implement in your life so you can have better health and avoid diabetic complications.

The first of them is to lose weight and start eating healthy foods. You must stop ingesting saturated fats and excessive amounts of carbohydrates. This is vital for your liver and kidneys to heal themselves and to get some rest from the overexertion they have been exposed to while trying to keep up with your eating habits. Water must also be added to your diet, not juice or soft drinks, pure crystal clear water. Water carries a lot of toxins and chemicals out from your cells and into the toilet. It also helps to make the liver’s job easier and faster. Blood cells die constantly and they must be replenished, water is necessary for this purpose.

Losing weight will improve your heart rate and blood pressure; this will allow your heart a break from the stress too. Once you have lost some weight it is time to start with a light exercise program, no running or weights, just a half an hour brisk walk in the park will do to get your metabolism started and working again. This will also help you lose weight and keep it off. The combination of healthy food and exercise cleans your body of toxins that have been slowing it down and making it malfunction for a long time.

You will feel much better with yourself once the weight has decreased and your systems are working again, in case of diabetes type 2 the amounts of medication you need to take may decrease and sometimes even stop if your decrease the amount of carbohydrates you ingest allowing your pancreas to process food with the little insulin it produces. In the case of diabetes type 1 your medication will not change but it will improve the quality of your life immensely.

How Heart Disease and Diabetes Can Be Controlled
For those with diabetes, the immediate fear that most have are the problems associated with small blood vessels. Complications such as poor circulation, kidney disease, and blindness can all be a part of an uncontrolled diabetes condition. However, many who have diabetes are also susceptible to large blood vessel conditions including heart disease. Heart disease and diabetes often can go hand in hand. Excess weight, inactivity, and blood vessel inflammation can all be attributed to both. However, there are ways to control and protect your heart when you have diabetes.

1. Control Heart Disease and Diabetes with Weight Loss
After consulting with your doctor, begin a regimen of shedding those extra pounds. Losing from five to seven percent of your weight can decrease most inflammation and insulin resistance. For a 200-pound person, you would need to lose just 10 to 14 pounds.

2. Control Heart Disease and Diabetes with Food and Fitness
Those who have been diagnosed with diabetes should already be looking at a healthier lifestyle. Continuing that will also help you fight heart disease. Maintain your choices of healthy foods and controlling the portions during meals and between snacks. If you haven’t started getting physically fit, begin a fitness program. Healthy food and fitness are lifestyles worth continuing throughout your life.

You will always have to continue with medication and daily insulin measurement but you will be able to go out and enjoy yourself instead of just sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. You will have more energy and will do things you hadn’t done in a long time. Diabetic control and medication is definitely a must after you have been diagnosed but they are things you will get used to and will keep you alive and healthy.


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