Depression too often reduced to a checklist of symptoms
Oct 23 15


New technique permits cell-specific examination of proteins in Alzheimer’s brain tissue
Oct 21 15


First mouse model of spontaneous depression-like episodes shows new candidate brain region
Oct 20 15


Team-based treatment is better for first episode psychosis
Oct 20 15


Genes involved in schizophrenia and obesity highlighted
Oct 16 15


Peers and mental health can influence dating violence
Oct 15 15


Lithium safe, effective for children with bipolar disorder
Oct 12 15


Immune gene prevents Parkinson’s disease and dementia
Oct 09 15


New study suggests hallucinations, alone, do not predict onset of schizophrenia
Oct 08 15


New research about shopping addiction
Sep 29 15


Early exposure to tobacco as a cause of behavioral problems in children
Sep 28 15


Breaking the anxiety cycle
Sep 25 15


Diabetes medication could be used to treat alcohol dependence
Sep 25 15


How celebrity suicides change support-seeking practices on social media
Sep 24 15


Study highlights how former problem drinkers navigate social drinking situations
Sep 22 15


Reduced conflict-related brain activity may indicate risk for psychosis
Sep 22 15


Unemployment takes its toll on young people’s mental health
Sep 21 15


Crime ties are relative in youth offenders’ substance abuse
Sep 16 15


Autism Diagnosis Delayed in Kids With ADHD
Sep 15 15


Is Alzheimer’s Disease Transmissible?
Sep 14 15


Negative symptoms of schizophrenia linked to poor clinical outcomes
Sep 08 15


Bisexual and questioning women have higher risk of eating disorders
Sep 02 15


Forgiving others protects women from depression, but not men
Sep 02 15


ADHD And Brain Structure: The Disorder Affects Teens’ Memories Later In Life
Aug 31 15


Link between gene variant and aggression in children
Aug 27 15

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