Schizophrenia News

Protein researchers closing in on the mystery of schizophrenia
Apr 11 14


Alkermes to seek schizophrenia drug approval after trial success
Apr 08 14


How the schizophrenic brain misinterprets the world
Apr 02 14


Schizophrenics are at greater risk of getting diseases
Feb 22 14


Gathering the clues to rare gene variants contributing to schizophrenia
Feb 20 14


Schizophrenia in the limelight: Film-industry technology provides insights
Jan 20 14


Feinstein Institute researchers show a genetic overlap in schizophrenia and cognitive ability
Dec 17 13


How can we improve the efficacy of antipsychotics in the era of personalized pharmacotherapy?
Dec 08 13


Services fail to treat prisoners with schizophrenia – increasing risk of violent reoffending
Nov 20 13


How schizophrenia affects the brain
Sep 11 13


The Difference Between Obsession and Delusion
Sep 04 13


Study provides strongest clues to date for causes of schizophrenia
Aug 25 13


Schizophrenia symptoms linked to faulty ‘switch’ in brain
Aug 22 13


Impaired visual signals might contribute to schizophrenia symptoms
Jul 29 13


Calculating the value of effortful behavior: A clue to schizophrenia-related disability?
Jul 11 13


How cannabis can trigger schizophrenia
Jun 02 13


Lead acts to trigger schizophrenia
Jun 02 13


Many Genes Add to Schizophrenia Risk
Apr 10 13


Alterations in brain activity in children at risk of schizophrenia predate onset of symptoms
Mar 23 13


Altered brain activity responsible for cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia
Mar 20 13


Neuron loss in schizophrenia and depression could be prevented with an antioxidant
Mar 13 13


Schizophrenia genes increase chance of IQ loss
Feb 21 13


Induction of mild inflammation leads to cognitive deficits related to schizophrenia
Feb 06 13


Choline supplementation during pregnancy presents a new approach to schizophrenia prevention
Jan 16 13


Alexza’s agitation drug gets FDA approval
Dec 22 12


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