Schizophrenia News

“Schizophrenia” should be dropped, say experts
Oct 09 06


Schizophrenia drug to be used to treat autism
Oct 09 06


Genetic mutations may be responsible for schizophrenia
Aug 03 06


Some Symptoms of Schizophrenia Hard to Detect, Treat
Jun 26 06


Zyprexa Trial in Schizophrenia ‘Prodome’ Yields Only Hints
May 04 06


Clozaril useful as second schizophrenia drug
Apr 14 06


Schizophrenia tied to a range of autoimmune ills
Mar 24 06


Patients with Schizophrenia More Likely to Have Medical Complications
Mar 15 06


Cannabis use does not cause schizophrenia
Jan 24 06


Mice with Defective Memory May Hold Clues to Schizophrenia
Jan 18 06


Schizophrenia: Newer Medicines
Nov 04 04


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