Weight Loss Managment news

Weight and diet may help predict sleep quality
Jun 11 16


NHS needs to perform more weight loss surgery to curb the obesity epidemic
May 12 16


Earlier intervention leads to better weight recovery in children with multiple risk factors for weight faltering
Dec 11 15


Weight Loss Seems to Spare Knee Cartilage
Dec 03 15


Preventing cancer: Study finds dramatic benefits of weight-loss surgery
Oct 01 15


Overweight firefighters more likely to attempt weight loss if advised by doctor
Sep 22 15


How much liposuction is ‘safe’? The answer varies by body weight
Sep 02 15


Gastric bypass surgery lowers women’s alcohol tolerance
Aug 05 15


Am I fat? Many of today’s adolescents don’t think so
Jul 14 15


Is marriage good or bad for the figure?
Jun 29 15


Weight loss plus vitamin D reduces inflammation linked to cancer, chronic disease
Jun 26 15


New obesity treatment prevents bone loss during weight loss
Jun 10 15


CU Anschutz study shows low-cost weight loss program has long-term results
Jun 04 15


Study shows rats fed a dietary fiber supplement had better weight control
Apr 09 15


Physician recommendations result in greater weight loss, UGA research finds
Apr 01 15


Trying to lose weight? How to avoid setting yourself up for failure
Mar 04 15


More than half of obese patients opt out of the bariatric surgical procedure process
Nov 03 14


Gastric bypass bests banding for weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol control
Sep 26 14


Sleep, mood improves after substantial weight loss
Jun 25 14


Families like practical wellness program - and lose weight
Jun 13 14


Miriam Hospital study shows how to make statewide health campaigns more effective
Jun 11 14


Eating prunes can help weight loss
May 30 14


Expect changes in appetite, taste of food after weight loss surgery
Apr 16 14


GSK recalls weight-loss drug Alli in U.S. on tampering concerns
Mar 27 14


New online care from dietitians helps control weight
Mar 04 14


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