Sexual Health News

Study links high levels of nitric oxide to infertility and sperm DNA damage
Jun 21 06


Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Affect Other Systems, Mostly for the Better
Jun 17 06


Men think in more sexual terms than women
Jun 09 06


Vatican condemns free sex change hormones
Jun 09 06


Many teenage girls feel pressured into sex: study
Jun 06 06


Men have a biological clock too and produce poor quality sperm as they age
Jun 06 06


Study Challenges Myth That Sex Late in Pregnancy Hastens Birth
Jun 02 06


Sex during pregnancy myth debunked
Jun 01 06


HIV increases among women many powerless over sex
May 30 06


Genetic variations impact sexual desire
May 30 06


Multi-pronged approach curbs risky sex in the HIV+
May 29 06


Viagra helps women with sexual dysfunction
May 24 06


US urged to allow wider emergency contraception
May 19 06


Jailed women seen to need sexual health services
May 16 06


Hysterectomy Type Makes Little Difference in Later Sexual Function
May 16 06


An evolutionary life-history framework for understanding sex differences in human mortality rates
May 10 06


Berlin brothel caters to virgins
May 05 06


Viagra plus recreational drugs equals risky sexual behaviour
May 01 06


A contraceptive pill for men!
May 01 06


Prevalence of ED and Use of ED Medications Among Teens, Young Men
May 01 06


Older women often have satisfying sex lives
Apr 26 06


Global sex survey shows men get more satisfaction
Apr 19 06


Many men don’t find out if vasectomy worked
Apr 13 06


Partners, too, give thumbs up to Levitra
Apr 07 06


Who has the world’s best sex? The worst?
Apr 02 06


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