Sexual Health News

Many with ED after prostate cancer don’t seek help
Aug 08 06


Thais ban condom line because of name
Aug 08 06


When it comes to condoms - one size does not fit all!
Aug 07 06


Sex may increase risk of mono virus
Aug 04 06


Erectile problems may signal future heart disease
Aug 04 06


Charity wants Britons to come to Masturbate-a-thon
Aug 04 06


China hospital defends posting erotic book online
Jul 26 06


Sex-ed program may get adolescents to delay sex
Jul 20 06


Indian state AIDS body wants to legalise gay sex
Jul 20 06


Vietnam to offer movies about sex on Internet
Jul 20 06


Medical visits tough for male sex abuse victims
Jul 13 06


Sexual dysfunction common for men with hepatitis C
Jul 12 06


Two-thirds of patients say Uprima didn’t work for them
Jul 10 06


Experiment could be male infertility breakthrough
Jul 10 06


Gene study shows sex differences go deep
Jul 10 06


Obesity, smoking raises impotence risk
Jul 07 06


How much do you need to know about your spouse’s previous sex life?
Jul 04 06


Does Psychological Treatment for Adult Sex Offenders Work?
Jun 30 06


Born gay or made gay? Or is it not that simple?
Jun 28 06


Having older brothers a factor in boys becoming gay
Jun 27 06


Sexual orientation of men determined before birth
Jun 26 06


Impotence common in men with sleep apnea
Jun 23 06


‘Love hormone’ oxytocin may help battle stress
Jun 22 06


Injection may prevent infertility in men receiving cancer chemotherapy
Jun 22 06


New push to tackle priorities in sexual and reproductive health
Jun 22 06


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