Eating disorders News

Eating disorder may be missed in boys, non-whites
May 14 07


Binge-eating is major U.S. health problem
Feb 01 07


Many anorexics admit need for help after admission
Jan 22 07


Men with anorexia may fare better than women
Dec 11 06


Many women may not recognize bulimia symptoms
Dec 05 06


Anorexia can affect all age groups
Dec 05 06


Bulimia may case fatal eating binges
Nov 04 06


New test on hair can reveal eating disorders
Oct 17 06


Marriage, cohabitation may reduce bulimia symptoms
Aug 28 06


Internet program may help prevent eating disorders
Aug 09 06


Neurosurgical treatment of anxiety disorders effective
Jul 19 06


Training for parents could help child anxiety disorders
Jul 17 06


The complex battle against anorexia
Jun 29 06


Use of Anti-Depressant Does Not Decrease Risk of Relapse of Anorexia Nervosa
Jun 14 06


Eating disorders tied to post-baby blues
May 29 06


New approach helps new moms with eating disorders
May 25 06


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