Eating disorders News

Children as young as 10 vomit to lose weight, with highest rates in boys
Jun 16 11


Anorexic girls have increased bone density after physiological estrogen treatment
Jun 06 11


Does Eating Give You Pleasure, Or Make You Anxious?
May 22 11


Eating disorders and body dissatisfaction is double in Muslim teenagers than in Christian
Mar 08 11


Facebook users more prone to eating disorders
Feb 07 11


New study reveals impact of eating disorders on Native-Americans
Jan 07 11


Diagnosis uncertainty increases anxiety in patients
Nov 29 10


Gene links to anorexia found by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia researchers
Nov 22 10


Doubled risk of anxiety for 18 month-old children with congenital heart defects
Nov 17 10


Binge-Eating Treatment Found Cost-Effective
May 31 10


Obesity Rejected as Psychiatric Diagnosis in DSM-5
May 31 10


Exercise Bulimia: How Much is Too Much?
Jan 21 10


Navigating Holiday Food Issues for People with an Eating Disorder
Dec 09 09


Bulimia, Binge Eating Respond to Talk Therapy
Oct 07 09


Vegetarians Face Increased Risk of Eating Disorders
Apr 01 09


Nearly 1 in 5 teenagers admit eating problems, but anxiety is a bigger problem than appearance
Jun 04 08


Three Out of Four American Women Have Disordered Eating
Apr 22 08


Many Overweight Teens Have Same Eating Disorders as Thin Peers
Oct 02 07


Sense of Taste Different in Women with Anorexia Nervosa
Sep 25 07


UI professor identifies new eating disorder, seeks study participants
Sep 04 07


Anorexia nervosa—more common and transient than previously thought
Aug 01 07


Childhood abuse and eating disorders in gay and bisexual men: study
Jul 20 07


Curbing nocturnal binges in sleep-related eating disorder
Jul 09 07


Eating disorders may disrupt menstruation
Jul 04 07


Attentional bias in eating disorders: study
Jun 28 07


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