Drugs That Cause Impotence

Recreational drugs are a major cause of erection problems and the number one problem drug is tobacco. Experiments show that even two cigarettes will markedly decrease the blood flow to the penis if smoked before sex. Marijuana, cocaine and alcohol are also big causes of erection problems. Prescription drugs are also big culprits, especially blood pressure drugs.

The major problem drugs include:

  1. Estrogens used in men with prostate cancer
  2. Antiandrogens (flutamide) used in men with prostate cancer
  3. Lupron - prostate cancer drug
  4. Proscar - for men with enlarged prostates, can decrease the volume of ejaculate
  5. Diuretics - used for men with heart disease and hypertension
  6. Methyldopa - older treatment for blood pressure
  7. Beta blockers - for heart disease and hypertension
  8. Calcium Channel Blockers- newer treatments for hypertension
  9. Tranquilizers
  10. Decongestants
  11. Seizure Medications
  12. Drugs to lower Cholesterol
  13. Cimetidine - a drug for ulcers
  14. Digoxin - a drug for heart failure
  15. Antidepressants
  16. Antihistamines

Other causes of ED include surgical treatments for prostate problems, bladder removal for cancer, urethral stricture, urinary surgery, carcinoma of the penis, priapism, renal transplantation, colon surgery, radiation, lumbosacral surgery, penile amputations, and penile surgery in children to correct congenital problems.

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