Benefits of Elidel

How ELIDEL Works

ELIDEL effectively treats mild to moderate eczema. Watch how it works by targeting the key cells involved.

ELIDEL is the number one prescribed brand for eczema. Treating mild or moderate eczema with ELIDEL offers several benefits.

  • Shown to control the redness, inflammation, and itching of eczema
  • Safe to use anywhere on the skin-including the face, neck, and around the eyes
  • Does not cause certain side effects, such as thinning of the skin, stretch marks, skin discoloration, or spider veins.
  • Odor-free, non greasy cream, not an ointment; it absorbs quickly and easily
  • Should not stain clothing or sheets
  • Safe for children as young as 2 years
  • Can be used for repeated courses of treatment as directed by your doctor.

Don’t wait until eczema symptoms turn into a flare-up! At the first signs or symptoms, you can use ELIDEL to control it. These symptoms can include a mild itch, a tingling sensation, small bumps, or a spot of redness. While nothing can get rid of eczema for good, ELIDEL can significantly relieve the itching and redness.

Treating with Elidel

Elidel® Can Help
Many people with mild or moderate eczema (this represents the majority of people suffering from eczema) are treated with a variety of medications. But when you and your doctor find that other treatments don’t work for you, there’s concern about their risks, or you can’t tolerate them, your doctor may prescribe steroid-free ELIDEL (pimecrolimus) Cream 1%.

ELIDEL is the only steroid-free prescription cream shown to effectively treat people with mild or moderate eczema. You can use it for repeated courses as directed by your doctor. ELIDEL is safe for children as young as 2.

In clinical studies 67% of ELIDEL patients remained mild or improved their condition vs 40% of placebo cream patients.

While there is no cure for eczema, ELIDEL can help relieve the symptoms. In fact, ELIDEL has been shown to control the redness, inflammation, and itching of eczema. So talk with your doctor to see if steroid-free ELIDEL is right for you. It’s the number one prescribed brand for eczema.

How to use Elidel
Eczema symptoms may come and go. Don’t wait until they turn into a flare-up or an outbreak. At the first signs or symptoms of an eczema flare, apply a thin layer of ELIDEL, twice daily, to the affected area(s). Continue to apply it twice daily until your rash is healed. If they come back, you can start and stop ELIDEL treatment as directed by your doctor. If your symptoms don’t improve in 6 weeks, or if they get worse, see your doctor.

Other things you should know when using ELIDEL:

  • Use ELIDEL only to treat eczema that has been diagnosed by a doctor.
  • You can apply ELIDEL Cream on affected areas on all skin surfaces, including your face, head, and neck. Avoid contact with your eyes.
  • You can use moisturizers with ELIDEL. Because the skin of patients with eczema can be very dry, you should discuss good skin care practices with your doctor to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. If you use moisturizers, apply them after ELIDEL.
  • Do not cover the skin being treated with bandages, dressings or wraps. However, you can wear normal clothing.
  • Do not bathe, shower or swim right after applying ELIDEL. This could wash off the cream.


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