Enhancing Her Motivation to Change

When it comes to body size concern, the question is less whether one has it than to what degree. Realizing that no one is to blame for his or her own or anyone else’s body dissatisfaction, you’ll want to ask yourself what factors may have played a role in yours. When you were growing up, were you unduly influenced by ultrathin fashion models? Were you teased about your size or shape? Did you compare yourself negatively to peers or family members?

Whether you’re listening to your child talk about her body image or reflecting on your own, remember to give yourself welldeserved credit for broaching these sensitive and challenging issues.


David B. Herzog, M.D., Debra L. Franko, Ph.D., Pat Cable, RN


David B. Herzog, M.D., is the Harvard Medical School Endowed Professor of psychiatry in the field of eating disorders at Massachusetts General Hospital and the director of the Harris Center at Massachusetts General Hospital.
Debra L. Franko, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology at Northeastern University and the associate director of the Harris Center at Massachusetts General Hospital
Pat Cable, RN, is the director of publications at the Harris Center.

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