Phentermine and Xenical Comparision

Phentermine and Xenical are both drugs that help you to loose weight. However they are very different from each other. When used properly they are effective in helping you with your weight loss. Both are prescribed by a physician and can become habit forming. Neither one should be used by children or if you may be pregnant.

Phentermineis used to suppress your appetite and make you feel more full. When Phentermineis used with a good diet plan and in conjunction with a daily exercise routine, it can be effective. Phentermine is best taken on an empty stomach and one half hour before eating breakfast.

It may also cause Sleeplessness so you should avoid taking it late in the day.

Xenical is used more in conjunction with a healthy diet plan and a good exercise program. This drug will not suppress your appetite, but will help control your thyroid and give you more energy to help burn calories. There are more heath risks and side effects to consider when using this drug and that should be discussed with your physician.

Prescription Phentermine
Phentermineis more controlled than Xenical. This is due to the fact that Phenterminewill help you in controlling your appetite while Xenical works better when you use it with a more efficient weight reduction plan like exercise and diet. Xenical can only do what your body will let it. This medicine prevents the digestion of some of the fat that you eat. Fats that are not digested cannot be absorbed and therefore do not contribute to calories.

Phenterminecan be taken everyday, however, Xenical doses are different. If you skip a meal you should also skip your dose of Xenical. If you have a meal that contains no fat, you should also consider skipping the dose. Xenical can decrease some of the important vitamins that your body needs. That is why it is best to discuss both drug positives and negatives with your physician before taking them.

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