How we can cut calories… let’s count the ways!

Here’s the bottom line: one pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories. Whether by making slight changes to your diet like the ones listed below or exercising, a deficit of 500 calories a day will lead to the loss of a pound a week! Remember, it’s the small changes we make every single day that make a big difference in the long run!

  1. Switch to water first thing in the morning instead of fruit juice. Fruit juice is high in sugar. Since most of us are dehydrated in the morning, water’s the best thing to do the trick anyway.  
  2. Switch to sugar-free yogurt instead of eating regular yogurt.  
  3. Switch to a low-fat store-bought bagel instead of a bakery bagel.  
  4. Save even more - use all-fruit instead of flavored cream cheese on that low-fat bagel.  
  5. Replace bacon at breakfast with reduced-fat turkey bacon or Canadian bacon.  
  6. Steam veggies instead of saute’ing them in butter or oil.  
  7. If you drink a lot of soda, switching to diet soda will probably save you hundreds of calories a day.  
  8. Switch to boiled shrimp instead of steak on shish kebabs.  
  9. Replace 1 tablespoon of regular mayo on your turkey sandwich with 1 1/2 tablespoons of reduced fat mayo.  
  10. Indulge in Sunday-morning French toast… modified. Use non-fat milk and egg whites instead of whole milk and eggs.

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Revision date: July 9, 2011
Last revised: by Janet A. Staessen, MD, PhD