The weight of the world: Researchers weigh human population
Jun 18 12


Gastric bypass patients keep the weight off: study
Jun 07 12


Weight in pregnancy best controlled by diet, study shows
May 20 12


FDA advisers recommend approving weight loss drug
May 10 12


Bridal Hunger Games
Apr 14 12


Exercise, Group Support Work for Weight Loss
Apr 11 12


Misperception of weight is an important barrier to weight loss
Apr 05 12


Obesity drugs need heart studies, U.S. advisers say
Mar 29 12


Weight Loss Surgery and Diabetes: Expert Interview Opportunity
Mar 29 12


New evidence on effects of green coffee beans in weight loss
Mar 27 12


Chocolate lovers tend to weigh less: study
Mar 26 12


Weight loss won’t necessarily help teen girls’ self-esteem
Mar 22 12


How to Best Help Your Child Lose Weight: Lose Weight Yourself
Mar 15 12


Qnexa: Is the new anti-obesity drug too risky?
Feb 26 12


U.S. advisers back experimental obesity pill
Feb 23 12


Group program helps teen girls keep the weight off
Feb 16 12


Weight Loss Can be Contagious, Study Suggests
Feb 14 12


Toss Cravings, Lose Weight
Feb 12 12


Anti-obesity drugs with a modified lifestyle helps weight loss -new study
Feb 08 12


Dieting with the denomination, determination
Feb 06 12


Device makers urge coverage of weight-loss surgery
Jan 25 12


Frequent eating tied to less weight gain in girls
Jan 13 12


Pick Up the Cell Phone, Drop the Pounds
Jan 10 12


FDA takes aim at “unproven” HCG weight-loss brands
Dec 06 11


Nervous system activity may predict successful weight loss
Dec 05 11


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