Landmark HIV treatment-as-prevention study shows additional health benefits, cost-effectiveness
Jul 28 12


Swaziland HIV incidence results announced at AIDS 2012
Jul 28 12


Study finds gaps in services for heterosexual men with HIV
Jul 28 12


Computers can predict effects of HIV policies
Jul 28 12


Bone marrow transplant eliminates signs of HIV infection
Jul 26 12


Researchers to test monthly vaginal ring for HIV prevention
Jul 24 12


New data strengthens view of HIV threat for gay black men
Jul 24 12


WHO endorses use of HIV medicines for prevention
Jul 22 12


International health panel says treat all HIV infections
Jul 22 12


HIV Subtypes Offset Each Other
Jul 18 12


AIDS deaths worldwide drop as access to drugs improves
Jul 18 12


Scientists see AIDS vaccine within reach after decades
Jul 16 12


HPV Cotesting Safe for HIV+ Women
Jul 10 12


OraSure touches 10-year high on FDA nod for HIV test
Jul 05 12


Heart Trouble Early and Often in H.I.V. Patients
Jun 18 12


Lessons Learned From the “Ethical Odyssey” of an HIV Trial
Jun 14 12


US delays decision on first drug to prevent HIV
Jun 10 12


New data suggests HIV superinfection rate comparable to initial HIV infection
Jun 08 12


HIV Superinfection in Uganda May Be More Common than Previously Thought, Study Finds
Jun 08 12


India should tax air tickets to pay for AIDS drugs - U.N.
Jun 05 12


Antiretroviral treatment for preventing HIV infection: an evidence review for physicians
May 28 12


FDA Advisory Panel Approves Home HIV Test Kit
May 16 12


FDA Approves New In-Home HIV Test
May 15 12


Home HIV test advances
May 15 12


Survey Reveals Support for Over-the Counter HIV Testing
May 13 12


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