African American women with HIV/HCV less likely to die from liver disease
Nov 02 12


Many HIV patients skip medications to drink: study
Nov 02 12


Is This the Next Generation in HIV Prevention?
Oct 25 12


HIV Mortality Falls but Some Gaps Persist
Oct 20 12


Mega Doses of Vitamins No Help in HIV
Oct 20 12


Non-infected babies born to HIV mothers have reduced immunity to measles
Oct 18 12


Diverse intestinal viruses may play a role in AIDS progression
Oct 12 12


Effectiveness of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis in Peru
Oct 10 12


Study finds decline in HIV deaths for most men, women by race/ethnicity, education
Oct 09 12


HIV helps explain rise of anal cancer in US males
Oct 08 12


Methadone reduces the risk of HIV transmission
Oct 08 12


Starting antiretroviral therapy improves HIV-infected Africans’ nutrition
Oct 02 12


Poor HIV patients improve with care beyond drugs: study
Sep 28 12


Effective HIV care benefited all HIV patients, regardless of demographics and behavioral risk
Sep 28 12


Research Breakthrough Opens Door to New Strategy for Battling HIV
Sep 27 12


AIDS patients face risk for esophageal, stomach cancers
Sep 24 12


Addictive properties of drug abuse may hold key to an HIV cure
Sep 21 12


Mutation Breaks HIV’s Resistance to Drugs, Says MU Researcher
Sep 13 12


Researchers show cost-effectiveness of HIV testing in drug abuse treatment programs
Sep 10 12


Use of pill to prevent HIV may be limited in U.S
Sep 07 12


Drug Cocktail Design For HIV Patients Is Extremely Important
Sep 04 12


HIV treatment use increases in the US
Sep 03 12


New ‘AIDS-like’ disease found in Asia
Aug 26 12


Are There Gender Differences in Anti-HIV Drug Efficacy?
Aug 12 12


A World Without AIDS, Still Worlds Away
Jul 31 12


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