Late diagnosis of HIV persists in the UK
Apr 28 05

Delayed diagnosis of HIV infection continues to be a problem among gay men in England and Wales, investigators with the Health Protection Agency’s Center for Infections in…


Many HIV-positive gay men unaware they’re infected
Apr 26 05


Indian plans law to stop discrimination against AIDS
Apr 23 05

India, which has the world’s second largest HIV/AIDS population, plans to introduce a law to stop discrimination against people infected with the virus, the health minister said…


S.African mid-sized firms ignore HIV/AIDS - survey
Apr 21 05

Most mid-sized South African companies are turning a blind eye to HIV/AIDS despite forecasts the epidemic is set to ravage the country’s workforce, a survey showed on Thursday.


Eleven states have waiting lists for AIDS drugs
Apr 21 05

More than 600 low-income AIDS patients in 11 U.S. states are on waiting lists for medicines as funding for assistance programs falls short, a report released on…


Immunity affects Pap smears in HIV-infected women
Apr 19 05

Human papillomavirus (HPV), a virus that has been linked to Cervical cancer, can lie dormant for a long time, but re-emerge if the immune system is weakened, new…

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