UN says goal to reverse AIDS by 2015 won’t be met
Jun 05 05


China gets grant to stop AIDS among drug users
Jun 02 05

China will receive its first grant to prevent the spread of AIDS among drug users and prostitutes from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS,

Canada Red Cross used HIV blood
Jun 01 05


Ranbaxy gets US FDA approval for generic AIDS drug
May 31 05


Diabetes risk high in men on anti-HIV meds
May 31 05


Libya’s improved image at risk over AIDS verdict
May 30 05


Glaxo, UK firm settle AIDS drug diversion case
May 28 05

GlaxoSmithKline Plc has settled a long-running legal dispute over the diversion of AIDS drugs destined for Africa, Europe’s biggest drugmaker said on Friday.

The world’s largest supplier…


Calcutta women protest over US aid conditions
May 28 05


AIDS dissident defends attack on S. Africa campaign
May 26 05

Lawyers for prominent AIDS “dissident” Matthias Rath defended his attack on South Africa’s most influential activist group on Thursday, telling a court his drive against AIDS…


World Bank grants $35 million to Vietnam AIDS plan
May 26 05


India says growth of new HIV infections slows
May 25 05

India, which has the second largest number of people in the world living with HIV/AIDS, said on Wednesday it had cut the growth rate of new infections…


World must save Africa’s children from AIDS
May 24 05

Rich countries must do more to protect African children from   HIV/AIDS, the new head of the United Nations children’s agency said on Tuesday.

Ann Veneman said she…


Drugs, AIDS evade clampdown in India’s northeast
May 24 05


Britain urges EU to boost fight against AIDS
May 23 05

Britain urged the European Union on Monday to boost the fight against AIDS by improving the availability of condoms to prevent the spread of the disease.



England football stars fight AIDS in Malawi
May 23 05


S. Africa AIDS group faces maverick doctor in court
May 13 05

South Africa’s most influential activist group took prominent AIDS “dissident” Matthias Rath to court on Friday to stop a campaign to vilify the group and discredit…


Nigeria opens blood screening centre to fight AIDS
May 13 05


HIV ‘going undetected
May 13 05


Practical approach may cut teenage girls’ STD rate
May 13 05


U.N. slams AIDS ‘dissident’ for attack on drugs
May 12 05

United Nations aid agencies on Thursday slammed prominent AIDS “dissident” Matthias Rath for what they called his wrong and dangerous campaign against life-prolonging antiretroviral drugs.



Catholics turn to condoms in AIDS-ravaged Honduras
May 11 05


Early therapy slows HIV progression in babies
May 10 05


Cheaper group tests flag infectious HIV carriers
May 06 05


S. Africa criticises WHO target on AIDS treatment
May 05 05


Judge takes on S.Africa’s AIDS “denialists”
May 02 05

White, wealthy and proudly gay, Judge Edwin Cameron is hardly a typical face of the AIDS pandemic ravaging southern Africa.

But Cameron, a member of South Africa’s Supreme Court…

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