Growing Evidence HIV Not The Cause Of AIDS

The last ten years of AIDS research has spent $22 billion and produced no cure, no hope and no proof that HIV causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Prevention efforts have focused on teaching five year olds about con- doms and frightening the world about sex, homosexuals and a chi- merical demon called HIV, a retro- virus for which no accurate test exists.

Dr. Peter Duesberg, an expert in retroviruses at U.S. Berkeley, is the most famous of the heretics who have charged that HIV does not cause AIDS, but he is far from alone. Over 450 scientists, doctors, researchers and patients signed a letter last summer demanding that the entire thrust of AIDS research be reconsidered, that the increasing evidence discrediting the HIV hypothesis be published and that science, not dogma be the criterion for funding AIDS research.

The Most Destructive Fraud Ever Perpetrated
“The HIV causes AIDS dogma (is) the most morally destructive fraud that has ever been perpe- trated on young men and women of the Western world,” according to Dr. Charles Thomas, a former Harvard professor of biochemistry and a signer of the letter which sent shock waves through the AIDS bureaucracy. “It is a hoax which became a scam, “according to Dr. Bernard Forscher, former editor of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, “It ranks with the ‘bad air’ theory for malaria and the ‘bacterial infection’ theory for beriberi and pellagra (B vitamin deficiencies).”

No Chimps Have AIDS
It was Dr. Duesberg who first threw down the gauntlet in 1987 to challenge the huge and growing industry around the “HIV causes AIDS” theory when he published a paper in the Journal of Cancer Research. He pointed out that HIV does not destroy immune system T cells in laboratory petri dishes even at thousands of times the concentration found in humans, that none of the 150 chimpanzees injected with HIV have AIDS, the growing number of HIV negative AIDS cases (now over 4,000 documen- ted), that only two perc ent of HIV positive hemophiliacs have AIDS symptoms, the same percentage as HIV negative hemophiliacs, that AZT (at that time the most expensive and only drug approved for HIV infections) was a known toxin with documented side effects which were attributed to AIDS, and that nearly every AIDS patient was known to be a frequent user of hard drugs.

For his efforts, he was ridiculed, slandered, stripped of his grant funding and generally ignored by the media which pounced on the sex equals death headlines.

Discos And Death
Yet his arguments based on statistics and verifiable data have never been refuted. He claims that nearly all people who die of the grab bag of diseases placed under the AIDS diagnosis umbrella have been users of heroin, cocaine, AZT (developed for cancer chemo- therapy but abandoned as too toxic), and amyl and butyl nitrates (“poppers” widely used by many homosexuals as an aphrodisiac in the disco days). Alcohol and tobacco use also significantly de- crease the lifespan of people with AIDS as does AZT.

He claims that AIDS in Africa, Haiti, and other third world countries is entirely different than AIDS in America, and can be blamed on malnutrition, appalling sanitation and parasitical infection.

The story of how the entire world grew deathly afraid of sex, which humans have been merrily persisting in for millions of years, is a shocking and convoluted story best detailed by Bryan Ellison, co- author of the book Inventing AIDS with Dr. Duesberg. He claims that the Center for Disease Control, a $2 billion a year government agency with a bias towards epidemics of contagious diseases has played the major role in pushing a fraud-ulent theory as part of their master plan for using epidemics as oppor- tunities for control and imposing lifestyle changes on the population.

Swine Flu And Scare Tactics
While America has not had a real “good” epidemic since polio, the CDC’s prediction in 1976 that the “swine flu” would devastate the country led by 50 million Amer- icans being immunized with a vaccine known to have serious toxic side effects.

No flu epidemic materialized in the rest of the pop- ulation, but thousands of people had nerve damage and paralysis, and dozens died from the vaccine. Over $100 million in damages was awarded to the victims. In 1980 a previously rare cancer, Karposi’s sarcoma became a clus- tered epidemic among homosexual men.

A task force was funded in the CDC’s venereal disease division and an infectious agent became the object of their search. Every one of the first fifty men with KS admitted routine use of amyl or butyl nitrates, drugs which supposedly enhanced orgasms and made anal sex easier by loosening the sphincter muscles. No one in the task force put the two together, preferring the bath house sexual contact spreading the disease theory.

Soon the AIDS umbrella was widened to include other opportunistic infections, heroin addicts with pneumonia, Haitians with tuberculosis. But still they had no smoking gun.

This is when their pushing of Dr. Robert Gallo, the “discoverer” of HIV, paid off, according to Dr. Robert Willner, whose book, Deadly Deception: The Proof That Sex and HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS was published last September. He is so convinced that he has publicly inoculated himself with HIV positive blood.

Medical Knowledge or Used Cars?

Dr. Gallo had previously claimed to isolate a retrovirus which he claimed caused leukemia and had a latency of 40 years. The scientific community rejected his theory as unsupportable by the evidence. With HIV he bypassed the scien- tific community and went public on April 23, 1984, claiming to have found the cause of AIDS. The next day he patented a test for HIV which has earned him millions of dollars.

It turned out that the Pasteur Institute of France had actually isolated the retrovirus a year earlier and sent samples to Gallo’s laboratory, but they had never claimed it as a cause of AIDS. They have accepted a court mandated portion of the proceeds from HIV testing, tests with a high degree of error. The court found him guilty of scientific misconduct but was unable to prove that Dr. Gallo “intentionally” stole the French samples, settling for his claim that somehow they got mixed into his own sear ch for a virus causing AIDS.

Condoms On Cucumbers
Ten years later we are having a boom in latex products, teenage girls are being taught how to orally put condoms on cucumbers. Hordes of teens have been vowing chastity, guilt and fear is smeared into every sex act, semen and blood are thought of a toxic waste. There are calls for desert quarantine camps for HIV positive people. Magic Johnson retiring at the peak of his basketball career, millions of people are taking highly inaccurate tests for antibodies to a retrovirus, probably as harmless as the tho u- sands of other retroviruses which roam through humans.

Six billion dollars a year is being spent on AIDS. Many people have secured themselves money, power and prestige by falling in with the idea that sex causes death and the whole world trembles when a man gets a hard-on. People who test positive for HIV are given death sentences and fear and paranoia dominate the debate. We haven’t come any closer to helping people with AIDS.

The Light Party

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