AIDS Vaccines: The Next Frontiers

The AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition on Thursday released its annual report, titled “AIDS Vaccines: The Next Frontiers,” which says that without sufficient future planning, AIDS vaccine research could be slowed.

The report - which lists critical steps to ensure that goals in HIV/AIDS prevention technologies, including AIDS vaccines, are met - summarizes issues and challenges in developing HIV/AIDS prevention technologies.

“Planning for different scenarios for AIDS prevention at this stage is essential,” Mitchell Warren, executive director of AVAC, said, adding, “Without adequate planning and coordination, the issues which will emerge as one or more interventions show signs of some efficacy could slow the pace of future studies.

And we must simultaneously lay the groundwork now to ensure new prevention methods reach the people who need them most.”

The report includes an update on AIDS vaccine science and funding; an analysis of successes and challenges in the search for an AIDS vaccine; a look into how the licensing and distribution of the HPV vaccine can inform future AIDS vaccine initiatives; and an outline of future challenges in AIDS vaccine developments (AVAC release, 9/14).

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Revision date: June 22, 2011
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