Eye Exercise to Improve Vision

We have a lot of methods and processes which you can apply to aid to improve your vision naturally. Poor eye vision is a problem induced by the improper attitude of neglecting the requirements of our eyes. Our eyes are a soft spot and an essential organ in our system. As such, they require adequate amount of tenderness just as the way other organs of our body are cared for.

Palming is an eye exercise which you can apply to improve your vision naturally. Our eyes are always on a steady movement while we are awake and asleep. It is impossible to fully halt the eyes from moving due to the fact that they are supposed to remain lubricated. But it is possible to retain its motion and aid them to settle down, and in return your eyesight vision will be improved naturally.

There is need for you to settle down your mind first before trying to relax your eyes. Assuming your mind is moving apart from its thinking; your eyes will struggle and strive to stay up to it. Palming will aid to settle your mind and eyes every time and in return your vision is going to improve. The process of palming is not difficult at all and all you need is a period of 20 minutes to get it done. It is still possible to do it as long as you wish.

You should begin by using your two hands to rub each other to make them warm and smooth. The second step should be for you to cover each of your hands on your eyes. Try to cup your palms to see that it does not touch your eyes or put force on your eyelids. Use your elbows to relax on a flat surface; it could be either your knees or a chair.

When you are through with this, then relax while still cupping your eyes with your palms. As your two eyes are shut underneath your palms, begin to feel as your body muscles are relaxing. Begin from the peak of your head and gradually accelerate till your get to your toes, as you do this the muscles in-between your two eyes will begin to relax.

Your darkness of your eyes will become darker and be able to see more as you feel more relaxed. At the beginning stage, you are going to observe a gray color; this grayish color will turn out to be darker and darker shadow of black. As the blackness gets deeper, your eyes will feel more relaxation.

If you need to get rid of every thinking in your mind, simple let go of every stuffs and lists that should be carried out and concentrate mainly on darkness for awhile. If your eyesight improves after doing this, then imagine nice stuffs such as the waves of the ocean or flows. I suggest you remain in this scene for a period of 15 minutes. As soon as you reopen your eyes, you will be able to focus more. Things like objects, colors and line will be clear to you and your overall eyesight will improve naturally.

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